Welcome to Photos Just So, the home of married Modesto photography duo Justin Souza and Dana Koster.

We deliver event, portrait and wedding photographs that capture your day exactly as it is: a day of incredible moments, brimming with emotion and overflowing with love. That means we lean heavily toward the photojournalistic. We're not there to tell you what to do, we're there to help you remember how it happened. That's not to say we won't help you out when you're in danger of rocking a double chin, just that we promise to stay out of your way and make sure that you're living your wedding day, not thinking about the photographers. Our aim is to make every photography session fun - to shoot the quirky moments, the high kicks and the three-year-old break dancer and that candid shot of your uncle Bob fanning himself when he's sure no one is looking. Rest assured: we'll be looking. And you better believe we'll have our cameras at the ready.

As a married couple ourselves, we've experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to get straight answers from photographers about pricing and availability. That’s why we try to shoot straight with every client - we’re upfront about our pricing, fanatical about responding to queries as fast as possible and absolutely committed to the kind of customer service you can’t get anywhere else.

Every person is different, so why should your wedding photography look the same as everybody else's? If you believe your images should reflect you, like us on Facebook, check out our portfolio or just contact us with any questions you have. We're here. And we look forward to capturing your story.