thanks for contacting us!

Hey, I know how it is when you're planning an event: you have a million choices to make and only so much time to make them in. That's why I appreciate your choice to reach out to us here at Photos Just So.

We believe that our job is all about making the story of your day something you can remember, something you can look back on and laugh (or cry, or just be like "can you believe how young we were?!"). Something that will stay with you.

We aim to create photographs that tell your day's real story, with all those laughs, those tears, those moments you want to sink into and live in forever. 

We're going to get back to you very soon, but until then why don't you live some of those moments with us in our portfolio or by taking a deep dive into our blog archive.

I can't promise that you'll feel the joy our past clients felt, but I do hope you'll enjoy the ride.